Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stores that will be built for the Moon Hole

Let's be real... if we're going to be moving on up to the moon we have to have some of the best stores around... that's why these restaurants and stores will be moving in:
  • Gravity-R-Us: Your number one supplier of increased gravity shoes and homes...
  • The Moon Palace Theatre: The first musical I will write for the theatre will be "WE LIVE IN THE MOON!: The musical"
  • Moon Cheese Shoppe: HAHA! What a great store that would be... well played owner
  • Spicy Lava Hole: The newest mexican restaurant.
  • MoonBucks: Gourmet coffee shop.
  • BestBuy: Just cause.
This will be the best. We're going to have a nice little moon city that will essentially resemble Detroit before Detroit became not Detroit.

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