Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Greatest Risk


They will be littering the streets! MOON HOBOS! Beware, and do not give them money, they are a menace we will have to deal with in order to clean up this colony.

The greatest risk facing our moon hole colony is not meteors, nor is it lava, nor is it lack of oxygen. No. Clearly, much like any developing colony or city, it will be poverty. With this increase of poverty we will start breeding Moon Hobos.

Stores that will be built for the Moon Hole

Let's be real... if we're going to be moving on up to the moon we have to have some of the best stores around... that's why these restaurants and stores will be moving in:
  • Gravity-R-Us: Your number one supplier of increased gravity shoes and homes...
  • The Moon Palace Theatre: The first musical I will write for the theatre will be "WE LIVE IN THE MOON!: The musical"
  • Moon Cheese Shoppe: HAHA! What a great store that would be... well played owner
  • Spicy Lava Hole: The newest mexican restaurant.
  • MoonBucks: Gourmet coffee shop.
  • BestBuy: Just cause.
This will be the best. We're going to have a nice little moon city that will essentially resemble Detroit before Detroit became not Detroit.

Some might call it a fixer-upper

But I call it home. Mother fucking home.

This is a serious picture of the hole that's gonna be my moon hole home. It's hella deep and hella protected from craters because of it's lava shield.

The First Colony

I'm not making this shit up. NASA discovered a new Moon Hole where they want to set up a colony in 2025. From CNN:

The vertical hole, in the volcanic Marius Hills region on the moon's near side, is 213 feet wide and is estimated to be more than 260 feet deep, according to findings published in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

More important, the scientists say, the hole is protected from the moon's harsh temperatures and meteorite strikes by a thin sheet of lava. That makes the tube a good candidate for further exploration or possible inhabitation, the article says.

"Lunar lava tubes are a potentially important location for a future lunar base, whether for local exploration and development, or as an outpost to serve exploration beyond the Moon," writes the team, led by Junichi Haruyama, a senior researcher with the Japanese space agency JAXA.

Now of course this means huge things for space, exploration and all of that sciency stuff found out in the universe... but more importantly it means that I could have a moon hole to live in. A lava, moon hole. I'm psyched.